What will you learn?

In this easy to follow course, I'll teach you to create a modern, responsive one page coaching website using professional tools so you you'll see that building a DIY website for your business is absolutely possible!

  • Develop a professional website layout

    You'll learn how to use professional software to easily create a layout that works to engage users on your website using simple navigation and a fresh, modern, clean design.

  • Create a website that is responsive

    Your website will look good on any device! Having a responsive website is important to ensure your clients can engage with you no matter what device they are using.

  • Include a client contact form

    Your clients need an easy way to get in touch with you to enquire about your services and having a homepage contact form is both easy and convenient for them to do so.

Tackling the tech.

You're going to be tackling some tech to build your website. But don't worry. With my guided videos, I show you exactly the steps to take so you can see how easy it can be when you know how.

  • Install web development software

    You'll learn how to install and use software developed for professional web developers. However, there's only a few key parts you need to know how to use, and that makes it simple!

  • Install and understand Wordpress

    Wordpress powers more websites than any other software in the world. There's a reason for that, it gives you freedom to create any type of website you need and it's really not as hard as you think.

  • Interactive and functional website

    Websites are no longer online static leaflets or posters. They have to do something to help generate clients. So, you'll add a contact form to give your website some simple functionality.

Can I really build my own website?

Absolutely! If there's something I've realised over my time building coaching websites, it's that many foundations for a new coaching website are the same.

And those foundations, for a successful coaching business to grow from, need to be SIMPLE!

And because they are simple, it means I can easily show you and guide you how to make these simple foundations yourself using professional tools that will serve you and your business as it grows.

Then, once you've got a hang of the simple foundations and you're ready to grow some more, you'll understand the next step to take and be able to make a simple improvement to take you there!!

I think you may have realised where I'm going here...


No Investment - Zero Risk

For this mini course, I will show you how to use free tools that are readily available to get you started. That means there's no financial investment needed to do this course and it gives you a risk free opportunity to learn and practice building your own website.

If you're considering a new business or a new website and you're not sure whether to self build or outsource, then this will give you a perfect opportunity to learn, play, practice and build your first website.

Bonus Lesson! Get your business email

Once you've completed building your coaching website, there's an extra bonus lesson for you!

Once you've got a beautiful website, you'll want to share it with the world and get a matching business email address. So, as a bonus video, I'll show you how to get your website professionally hosted and get your professional business email to match and then you can share your proud creation to everyone and start getting customers from your site.

Here's the course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What will you achieve?

    • The Facebook support group

  • 2


    • Download

    • Overview and settings

    • Installing Wordpress

    • Cloning A Website

  • 3


    • Wordpress overview

    • Essential first settings

    • Themes and plugins install

    • Structure and menu

    • Creating the header and footer

    • Creating the contact form

  • 4


    • Setting font and colours

    • Import templates

    • Building the homepage

    • Responsive design

  • 5

    Bonus Lessons

    • Get your hosting and business email

    • Prepare your hosting and email account

    • Make your website LIVE!

Your Instructor

Mark Lee

I've been in tech all my life and I've learnt that achieving and understanding difficult tasks is made easy through effective step-by-step guidance. As a web developer, I want as many businesses to find success through running an online business and so I develop easy to follow tutorials to help non-tech business owners to launch an online business with ease.